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Live Fast Eat Slow

This is for all you dog owners out there:

We’ve got two huge dogs. One that eats like a bird and one that eats like a gorilla. If you know our dogs, you could probably guess who does what (poor Summer). Dogs love to eat but if your pup is eating too quickly it can be bad for their health and overall well being. Not to mention that when one of my dogs finishes before the other, they fight over food. Slowing your dogs eating down does not only keep the peace in the house but it also helps their digestive system and allows their body to absorb more nutrients.

There are a couple things you can do to slow them down:

1) Make them sit before you give them their food. This makes them calm down so they are less likely to inhale their food.

2) Water down their food a bit.

3) Put a ball in their food so they have an obstacle to eat around.

Each day I do all three of these things but it works! Take care of your pups and give them a little

extra love today!

Happy Tangle-Free Tuesday and National Dog Day :)



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