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The best relationship advice I ever received in my life was:​

"When you know, you know."


     Before I met Nick, I’m not even entirely sure that I believed it. Not when I heard it, not even when I said it. The first time Nick and I spent time together, I knew something was different. This man was amazing and I cherished everything about him (even the things that I hated about him). He had everything that I lacked and complimented everything that I had. HE IMMEDIATELY BECAME MY BEST BUD and I was totally in love.


     One of the things about him that completely blew my mind was his knack for making life easier and more efficient. He walks into rooms and immediately thinks about what he could invent or do to make it function more smoothly. This was so foreign to me.. The longer we knew each other the more I strived to be like him.


     ThreadBuds was founded one rainy afternoon filled with crafts and peaceful music. I had completely removed myself from my own train of thought and sought out to be more like Nick. I wanted to make something that would make everyone's lives easier (and something that would look pretty cool too). Seven hours later, when I was FINALLY done wrapping my earbuds in thread, I called Nick to come over and check out what I had done. He was SO excited and I was SO proud.  We both agreed these things were awesome!


     Since then, he has taken ThreadBuds to places I never thought they could go. WIthout him we would never be where we are today (with our product and our lives). We are SO excited to share our ThreadBuds  with you and we are so thankful for your support!


Enjoy your newly untangled life!



Love your best buds,


Nick  and   Maddie

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