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What makes ThreadBuds the best earbuds on the planet?

In a time when function and functionality get lost in bright colors and hype, ThreadBuds is changing the way we listen to our world.  We've created a product that combines the fresh and funky image we look for in a brand with attention to details that greatly improve our experience., earbuds
Unique threaded design


Our unique and threaded design was created to prevent the worst of tangles during the many adventures of your earbuds.  Whether you're on the train or the treadmill, you'll be able to smile the minute you pull your earbuds out from the purse or pocket they've been stuffed in all day.


The threaded design also prevents your earbud cords from freezing in cooler temperatures and helps protect the cord from cracking after continual use., earbuds
Bright and bold materials


Image is everything and we've paid close attention to the colors in our world that remain timeless and popular.  There are more exciting colors on the way and if there's a color you think we should add to the ThreadBuds mix, get in touch with us here., earbuds
Enough sound to go around


During production we wanted to make sure the sound quality of our earbuds was up to par with the industry so we made sure to pay close attention to an output that would add a kick to that step without breaking your wallet. Whether you've got the great sound of our Gen 1 model or our premium Gen 2 sound, ThreadBuds pack a great, crisp sound!

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