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Welcome to our first "Tangle-Free Tuesday"

Making life easy and hassle-free is a goal Nick and I have in our daily lives. It's the reason ThreadBuds became a reality. We'd love to share some of our favorite life hacks with you because we believe in living a tangle-free life.

From here on out, we dub every Tuesday our "Tangle-Free Tuesday" in hopes of sharing with you some tips and tricks to make your day run a little more efficiently.

If you know Nick and I you know that we have a deep (borderline sickening) love for food. If you know me, you know that I love to slather my food in any kind of condiment I can get my hands on; ranch, ketchup, barbeque sauce... you name it, I’ve tried it.

Naturally, having two foodies living under the same roof, we have accumulated a plethora of different condiments and spreads. I've purchased more condiments than a refrigerator is built to hold which has unfortunately resulted in shelves of often moldy or outdated bottles of what should be a condiment heaven.

A quick fix to eliminate this problem is to place a lazy susan in your refrigerator to make all of your daily condiments easy to see and access. See you all next Tuesday!


#lazysusan #lifehack #tanglefree #blog #tanglefreetuesday

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