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I've Got the Golden Ticket

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This week's TangleFree Tuesday is for all you movie buffs out there!

My husband loves seeing movies more than most people I know. For me, unless it’s the Notebook starring Ryan Goesling, I can wait until it comes out on DVD. But there is something about watching a film on that big screen that Nick can’t get enough of. The thing that I hate is seeing that $24 price tag for two tickets when we get to the ticket counter.

Recently, someone told me about buying movie tickets in bulk. If you buy 50 movie tickets at once they are $8 each instead of $12. Seems like a lot of money to spend at once but you can save yourself almost $200 in the long run. I figured there would be some catch so I did a little research myself. The AMC gold tickets never expire. You can use them any day of the week AND you can use them in any kind of theater they have to offer. You can even share these tickets with your friends and family! SO, if you know you will continue to go to movies no matter what the price, save yourself some money and buy in bulk!

Here is the link to make it even easier for you:

Don’t forget to BYOC (bring your own candy).

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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