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Aw Shucks!

I actually got to see a lifehack unfold in front of my eyes this week. I had the pleasure of having corn on the cobb twice in two days and oddly enough, both were prepared two different ways. On Sunday my mom prepared it the good ol' fashioned way. She shucked the corn (mess everywhere) and then boiled it for 10 minutes (twice, because no pan is big enough to boil 10 pieces of corn). Last night, my friend blew my mind. She put the corn in the microwave for 4 minutes, took it out and cut the end of it off and boom the corn just fell out nice and clean on the plate. Both tasted the exact same and both were delicious. Next time I make corn on the cob, I will definitely be taking the easy route. Thank you Hannah Foil for this week’s Tangle Free Tuesday. Someday I will write about something other than food... maybe.

Happy Tuesday people. Enjoy your life tangle free!


P.S. NO this is not my video and NO I don’t know why these people have so many jars of pickles on their counter.

#tanglefree #tanglefreetuesday #tanglefreetuesday #tanglefreetuesday #lifehack

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