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See the Bacon.. Be the Bacon

To all my foodies,

It's been WAY too many weeks since we have given you a food related life-hack so here you go...

BLT’s are one of my favorite foods. A couple years ago my mind was blown when I discovered that you could cook bacon in the oven to avoid the bacon grease mess. This weave of bacon goodness is the ultimate BLT game-changer. It's just what the doctor ordered!

Take the bacon.. weave the bacon.. bake at 400 degrees for 12-17 minutes (depending on how thick it is)... Add to sandwich.. NOM NOM NOM. Happy TFT!

Until next week,


#bacon #tanglefreetuesday #tanglefreetuesday #tft #threadbuds #timesaver #blt #foodie #sandwich

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