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Announcing Our Buds4Buds Campaign with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City!

As many of you may know, I began mentoring my "little brother" Jorden 4 years ago when I became a big in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Kansas City. When I first entered the program, I had no clue the impact Jorden and the program would have on my life. I also had no clue what an impact I could have on his.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program is for so many reasons, very near to my heart. The program matches mentors (Bigs) with single parent children (Littles) in the Greater Kansas City area. The statistics on how Bigs can mentor and help their Littles are mind blowing and all the more reason I will continue to be a Big and encourage those I meet to join the program as well. It is truly a life changing experience and one that will benefit the Big the same if not more than the Little.

Because Maddie and I believe greatly in giving back, we are proud to announce our Buds4Buds Campaign as a partnership with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Kansas City. Moving forward, we will donate a portion of all sales to the agency so that more Big Brothers and Sisters can have the resources in place to create lifelong matches and friendships with the children in our area who need them.

For more information on how you can join this great organization, please visit their website at:

We are so excited to work with the Agency who was recently named Agency of the Year out of over 400 agencies in the US!


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