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Protect Your Electronics from Liquid

Just last week as I pulled into my driveway, I couldn't find my iPhone in its usual place... it wasn't in my lap, on my dashboard, under my seat, between my seats, in the backseat, in my gym bag, in the cup holder or even riding shotgun.... yeah, not in the usual place I keep it. Then I glanced down at the cup holder again and all I saw was my coffee cup from this morning... and then.... great.... my iPhone decided to go for a swim in my half drank coffee cup.

I did what we all do that we shouldn't. Tried to turn it on, pressed the on button and the home button and the volume button with no success. I put it in rice overnight... nothing. Fantastic. ANOTHER new phone or rather, a really expensive cup of coffee.

A few days later I had my new, insurance replaced iPhone and found myself telling my wife we should try and eat in a few more times this week.

This morning I found the solution.... LIQUIPEL. This company will apply a thin protective layer to the small electronics in your smartphone, tablet and even your brand new ThreadBuds! No joke. They will actually make your brand new pair of ThreadBuds water-resistant. My wife will be mad I posted about this but I can't help it... I love cool technology!


#liquipel #waterproof #waterresistant #headphones #earbuds #threadbuds #lifehack #technology

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